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At Alpha-Agro ltd., we realise that we're selling more than equipment. We're also delivering a commitment to you and your businesses.

Our company

Established in 1997 our company, Alpha-Agro ltd., started business in repairing of agricultural and construction machinery. As years followed we evolved in a more diversified company with businesses in plant hire and sales. The need to expand the retail side of the company seemed very logic with the economic changes in a globalised market.

Over the years we built up an excellent team of dedicated staff in all areas, Sales, Parts, Transport, many have been with the company since nearly the beginning. A very important part of the company, with exports of agricultural machinery and construction equipment all over the world such as Australia, Americas, Africa, Russia and practically all of Europe, is our magnificent Sales team.


We feel the best way for you to understand what it is like to do business with Alpha-Agro ltd. is to talk to some of our customers that are using our services.

Here you'll find comments from our existing customers about their experience with our company and the services we provide:

After an extensive evaluation process, I chose Alpha-Agro ltd. for my construction equipment needs based on their detailed inspection reports and full range of services.
Jan Grootfaam, Rijswijk - The Netherlands
I was completely satisfied with every aspect of the transaction. Your company is a great service for the construction industry.
Petr Frýdl, Štoky - Czech Republic
Normally I would hesitate to buy such a large piece of equipment over the Internet, but detailed inspection reports, along with their fully insured transactions, made me feel very comfortable with my purchase.
Kállay Szalók, Zalaköveskút - Hungary
Tractor arrived on time and for the agreed price, and in perfect condition, no surprises. Will use this company again. Driver very professional and courteous.
Dominik Pfeffer, Waldmünchen - Germany has been great. I had a problem with a delivery because of a missing document at the custom but Alpha-Agro ltd. solved the problem and in the end I was satisfied. Transport was delayed but I was happy because there were no extra fees. Delivery may have been on time if documents were double checked. Maybe they should train their people a little better to avoid this silly mistakes.
Yves Brault, Quebec - Canada
Hello, I am Webjørn Ihle, from Norway. I've done business with Alpha-Agro ltd. for over 1 year, buying over 4 tractors and wheel loaders during this time. I bought those tractors and wheel loaders on the internet with the help of their Inspection Report. took care of all the paper and custom work including transport. They have never failed me.
Webjørn Ihle, Tistedal - Norway
I contacted for an excavator and within hours I received a great deal and an excellent shipping quote. The company was very careful with the excavator, and delivery was done in a timely manner.
Billy Morley, HOLMSTON - UK
What I like about Alpha-Agro ltd. is that they have long-term employees who are knowledgeable. Whenever I go to them with a question they are helpful and dependable with their feedback.
Paulo Cavalcanti Rodrigues, Atouguia da Baleia - Portugal

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