How To Buy

We believe that you are entitled to a picture as honest as possible of what you are buying. Mutual trust is the basis of our company.

Order With Confidence

Most of the items from have been given a full and detailed inspection to assess the item's true condition. The findings from each inspection are presented free of charge for you to review before buying the equipment in the form of an Inspection Report.

You, As Our Customer

An important part of our mutual trust concept is the way how we offer our products for sale to our customers: always clear and complete.

  • Every equipment is described as completely as possible.
  • Every equipment is provided with detailed pictures.
  • All equipment is ready-to-work.
  • We deliver our items according to the specific wishes of our customers.
  • We transport to each and every world port or location against previously stipulated fees.
  • We provide for all export papers and associated documents.

How Do You Buy At

If you are interested to buy an item, please contact us through the following methods: online form description of the equipment, email through the contact page or directly by phone.

Depending on your requirements we will help you as quickly as possible.

If you can't find exactly what you want just go the contact section and send us a message.

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