Transport Solutions

We understand the importance of transport services when purchasing equipment.

Transport Fees

Depending on the distance and the dimensions of the equipment, the transport can often amount to thousands of Euros and eventually determines as to whether the purchase is worth it. You moreover lose a lot of time finding and organizing the most cost efficient transport and this does not only delay the handling but also the moment the machine can be put to work.

Because of our own transport fleet and good connections with several shipping agents we are able to make you an excellent offer for delivery of equipment to any point of destination thus the sale process is speeded up as much as possible.

Your Transport Is Customised

The transport fees and the associated documents are always the closing entries of a transaction; the machines often fall outside the allowed standard dimensions and weight which often implies high transport fees. To reduce this to a minimum we offer you the following transport solutions:

  • Loading point
  • Road transport
  • Container loading
  • RoRo shipping

Export documents

We at Alpha-Agro ltd., have our own export department that provides all export documents and declarations for all our delivered items worldwide. The customs formalities can also be handled by us.

To ship your purchase as quickly as possible, a specialised team will already make the necessary preparations prior to the sale in order to quickly have all documents that must often be acquired from governments or suppliers available.


We can guarantee the delivery of our equipment and machinery anywhere around the world, ensuring that it is received in the condition in which it was sent.

Your equipment is covered by insurance until you receive your order, making buying from us a safe and hassle free process.

We always believe in customer satisfaction at any cost and we are pledge to maintain our standard in future as well in all its services.

For a quotation or any other queries regarding our services please contact us.

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